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Are You still struggling with your Bootable ISO creating for remote server flashing? Then we go to you!

1You don’t need proprietary OS. Not required paid programm for creating botable iso 9660 image. For us and surely for you we compile ISO image with FreeDOS or our personal kernel. Therefore, this product is ideal for manufacturers of computer equipment that require MS-DOS for distribution firmware flash iso images.

2Playfully you create a bootable CD image with the firmware larger than 1.44 and 2.88 megabytes and without proprietary kernel. It is equally easy to create it on Windows and on Linux. The program will work without installation even with the privileges of the ordinary user.

3Do you remember the fall of Troy? You can easy extract files from ISO image and compare with source files. Executable file are compiled by Open Watcom C.

4Do you like Apple? Or you lazy download the utility to run it. But you want to get the boot image at once? No problem! Online Bootable ISO image creation with your files inside. As well as a library of ready firmware with MD5 checksums. Our advice – use the prefix https to access the site. The browser will complain, kicking and screaming because our https certificate is not signed by any authoritative certification authority. Do not pay any attention. They do not sign for free, but we are distributing our software free.

5Beware of imitations! True boot images issued out only on the studio.

6Can you help us? We are glad to hear words of thanks, as well as likes, testimonials and recommendations. But, if you want to thank the developers of beer here is beer glass supported by Paypal.